Basic Architectural Design Services:
Architectural Desig
n Service is typically broken down into the following phases:
Additional Services
  • Existing Condition Drawings
  • LEED Certification
  • Site Plan Approvals - Planning Board
  • Subdivision Approvals - Planning Board
  • Variances - Zoning Board of Appeals
  • 3 - D Computer Modeling
  • Special Permits
  • Site and Septic Design
  • Legalizations
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Analysis, Programming
& Existing Conditions Phase:
Prior to any design work, we will investigate zoning regulations, including setbacks, lot coverage and building height limitations and septic requirements. The Client shall provide the Architect with a current
Survey of the Property in AutoCAD. On the Client’s behalf, the Architect will coordinate with any outside consultants such as Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers or Code Specialists.
We will meet with the Client to discuss their wish list for the project and develop a program of spaces for the project. If the project
is a renovation or addition, we will field measure the existing building to use as a basis for the new work. Once we have all this information, we will move onto the Schematic Design Phase.



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