Basic Architectural Design Services:
Architectural Desig
n Service is typically broken down into the following phases:
Additional Services
  • Existing Condition Drawings
  • LEED Certification
  • Site Plan Approvals - Planning Board
  • Subdivision Approvals - Planning Board
  • Variances - Zoning Board of Appeals
  • 3 - D Computer Modeling
  • Special Permits
  • Site and Septic Design
  • Legalizations
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Contract Administration Phase:

While the Contractor will physically build the project, the Architect can assist the Owner by providing Contract Administration.  If the Owner chooses this Service, the Architect will make periodic site visits to determine if the project is being built according to the plans and specifications.  The Architect may also review and approve the Contractor's applications for payment, process change orders, review shop drawings, and generally keep the Owner informed of the project's progress.  The Contractor is solely responsible for construction means & methods, techniques, schedules, procedures, and obtaining all required Town inspections.

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& Existing Conditions Phase: